Week 36: What Happens in Week 36

Is this your first baby? If so, ‘lightening’ may have occurred or will do so in the next few weeks. This means that the baby will drop into the pelvis in the head downward position. But if this is a subsequent pregnancy, then lightening will take place just before the onset of labour.

By now most of the baby’s organs have matured and he has a 90% chance of survival if born this week. All that is left to mature are the lungs. If your baby is a boy, the testicles should have also descended by now.

The baby’s skin has grown soft and smooth and he or she has become a good deal plumper. In fact he or she will grow at a rate of one ounce or 28g per day for the next four weeks or until he or she is born. This week he or she measures about eighteen inches or 46cm. and weighs five and a half pounds or 2.5kg.

You must be anxious to know about what your little one is doing inside you this week. Here are some of the developments that you can expect this week. Read along for the surprises.

Baby’s Development during the 36th Week of Pregnancy

Have a quick look at the developments that are expect in a baby by the 36th week of pregnancy.


Baby Can Recognise Mother’s Voice

She can now recognise your voice and loves to listen to songs too. Research studies also suggest newborns love listening to the voice of their mothers over others. If there is any particular song that you have been playing quite often, you may find him or her moving with it. So, you may start playing the lullaby that you plan to lull him or her to sleep with. It is after all never too early to start. Story telling is another way to bond with your little one. You can enjoy some special time together this way.


Developments in Head

The head of your little one is now shaped to help him or her easily glide through your birth canal. His or her skull bones are not fused yet. In fact this lose skull makes his or her head easily shaped, so that he or she can squeeze through the canal. The bones shall fuse once he or she is born in the 1st year.


Shedding of Hair

He or she shall be shedding his or her remaining hair this week. The hair shall mix with the rest of the amniotic fluid that he or she shall be swallowing.


Immunity and Digestive System

His or her immunity and blood circulation are already developed to survive in the world outside. He or she shall take some more time to develop her digestive system and shall take some time more time after he or she is born before he or she can start taking solids.


Baby’s Movements

You shall now feel movements more on the lower side of your tummy. You must inform your doctor if you do not notice any movement for long.


Bodily Changes during 36th Week of Pregnancy

Your baby has undergone several phases of development all this while; you too have gone through a roller coaster of emotions and physical changes during this phase. Learn about the bodily changes that you may experience during this week.


Blood Pressure and Urine

You will have to visit your healthcare professional more often than before now. The regular visits shall help ascertain your baby’s position and also your impending labour. Your doctor shall check for your pressure and ensure your urine contain no trace of proteins. Protein traces and high blood pressure are known to be signs of preeclampsia in pregnancy. Such a condition can prove to be potentially risky for your baby as well as you.


Expanding Uterus

The size of your uterus has increased like never before to accommodate your little one. You may have gained around 30 pounds now. Do not worry about the few more pounds that you shall gain in the coming few weeks. However, there is no reason to worry even if you do no gain any weight in the last month.


Swelling in Feet

Swelling in feet can be a problem for you. To get rid of this, you can keep your feet up in an elevated position and aid better circulation. You will be certainly making a mistake by reducing your water intake. You must drink around 2.5 litres of water every day in addition to the other liquids. This will ensure proper bowel movement and you shall maintain your usual blood volume.

If fear of bearing labour pain and delivery are bothering you, you can engage in discussions with your doctor or midwife. Healthy conversations shall increase your awareness, knowledge and also help you make the birth plans in advance.

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