Artist Illustrates Her Pregnancy Journey so She Never Forgets Those Moments

Photographs may capture a moment in time, but they don’t always reveal the reality of what is going on. That’s why LA-based artist Amanda Oleander began painting her real-life experiences in a series of playful and relatable illustrations. From the unexpected pull of pregnancy cravings to the indescribable happiness of holding your loved one in your arms, these tender works of art celebrate the unpredictable reality of love, relationships, and pregnancy.

“I create the artwork that I do because it’s a way for me to lock in a moment in time authentically that was never photographed, and even if it were to be photographed, it might alter the reality of it because we know we are being photographed,” Oleander says. “Viewing my art is like being a fly on the wall.” She and her husband Joey married almost two years ago and recently discovered they were pregnant. Since then, Oleander has been documenting their journey in her charming illustrations. She renders each one using traditional media like pens, markers, and watercolor. The media enhances the endearing and honest quality of her pieces.

Although the artist didn’t intend for her heartfelt drawings to receive so much attention, over one million people now tune into her Instagramaccount to follow her heartfelt comics. “I’m not creating art to please other people or creating art from experiences I don’t personally understand or have lived through,” Oleander continues. “I am creating from the truest, deepest part of me and my personal experiences.” In addition to creating art, she and Joey also have a podcast called The Joey and Amanda Podcast. On it, they discuss their relationship as well as topics that interest them including human behavior and self-improvement.

You can purchase original paintings, prints, and other merch via Oleander’s website, and keep up to date with her latest illustrations by following the artist on Instagram.

Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Oleander creates quirky illustrations based on her real-life experiences.

Quirky Relationship Illustrations by Amanda Oleander

For the past several months, she has been documenting her pregnancy journey.

Quirky Relationship Illustrations by Amanda OleanderQuirky Relationship Illustrations by Amanda Oleander

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