Stunning photo series celebrates mothers who breastfeed and work

Juggling motherhood and a career is an everyday balancing act familiar to millions of women the world over, and for many, breastfeeding is an integral part that can be particularly challenging to maintain.

Despite being the most ancient and natural way for a mother to feed her child, breastfeeding in public still carries a certain stigma and level of discomfort.

A photographer from Texas, US, however, is hoping to further normalise the practice – particularly in the workplace -and celebrates breastfeeding in a photo series that captures mothers nursing in uniform.

“I believe that our culture needs to accept that breastfeeding is normal, that every mum makes milk, and that it really isn’t something to hide or be ashamed of,” Tara Ruby tells SBS Life.

“I hope to achieve a sense of support for those mums that work a full time job while breastfeeding full time as well. Seeing a photo can help someone visualise what they already know… that they can do this.”

The collection, which is still being added to, features four women dressed in the clothes they wear in their different professions.

A Las Vegas showgirl fitted out in all her feathers and sparkles is seen with her “little Elivs” in one shot while a teacher is pictured sitting in the school library with her daughter in another.

Mrs Ruby is a mother herself and a former military servicewoman having spent four years in the US Army.

Her newest series comes after she photographed a group of female military lo personnel breastfeeding in uniform at Fort Bliss.

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