New Study Says Moms Only Have to Breastfeed for This Amount of Time to Dramatically Decrease Their Baby’s SIDS Risk

New moms know it’s pretty hard not to be fearful of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). But a recent study out of the University of Virginia School of Medicine found that breastfeeding for just two months can cut the chances your baby will die from SIDS by half. Half!

And here’s the kicker: Mothers don’t even have to breastfeed exclusively to reap the benefit (i.e., a mix of breastfeeding and formula is fine).

Researchers came to this conclusion after comparing eight international studies that examined more than 2,000 cases of SIDS-related deaths, plus almost 7,000 control cases where babies did not die from SIDS. While the study authors can’t pinpoint the exact reason breastfeeding lowers the risk, they believe it has to do with all the different ways it boosts your baby’s immunity and also impacts their sleeping patterns.

For any woman who has stressed about the AAP’s recommended six-month guideline, this study definitely comes as a welcome relief.

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