‘When am I going to get my baby brother? I just want my baby brother.’: After losing a baby at 11 weeks, mom is THRILLED to tell her son he’d finally get ‘his baby brother’

Mikey has asked for a baby brother for as long as he could speak the words. In a matter of a year, we had gotten married, had a baby and bought a house. We thought we had plenty of time. After all, Mikey was a surprise for us a month after we had gotten engaged and we did not think we would have any trouble the second time around.We started trying for #2 when Mikey was 3 years old. Month after month passed and we got more and more discouraged every time we saw the negative sign on the pregnancy test. My heart would sink when Mikey would ask, ‘when am I going to get my baby brother?’ It made us so sad for him when he would follow up with, ‘I just want my baby brother.’ After over a year of trying, we turned to a fertility specialist in the fall of 2016. I had a lot of testing done to try to find out what was causing the infertility. After a surgery in September of that year to remove fibroids from my uterus, I went to the fertility specialist to track my ovulation. On December 9, 2016, we finally got that positive test. It was even more special because it was Mikey’s 5th birthday. That day we went to my parent’s house before they treated us to the Polar Express for Mikey’s birthday. I remember getting to their house, looking at all our stockings on their mantle and telling them next year they would need another stocking. My mom had tears. My husband decided he could not contain the news any longer and Facetimed with his parents to share the news with them as well. We were over the moon with excitement.

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