Birth comes in so many beautiful forms and I was so excited to get to work with Briahnna and Jerry as they welcomed their daughter, Eden, with a water birth at Beautiful Mountain Birth Suites. This was my first unmedicated, water birth and I wish I could bottle up the feeling in that room and keep it with me every day. I found myself on the verge of tears through the whole process, for no reason except that there was an indescribable peaceful Spirit in the room.

Below, I will be sharing Briahnna’s birth story from my perspective. I have withheld the more intimate images of her birth, but I hope the ones I have shared tell the story as beautifully as it happened. Please be respectful in any comments you might make!

Here we go:

When I showed up to the Beautiful Mountain Birth Suites, I was really blown away by how homey the atmosphere was. It was warm and comfortable and decorated much like someone’s house instead of a hospital. Everyone in the room welcomed me instantly, which was an amazing start to a long day. Jerry was an absolute rock as Bri breathed through her contractions. He protected her, rocked her, massaged her counter-pressure points, played power playlists, and whispered encouragement when she was feeling the toll of the process. Bri had done hypnobirthing training so he played her meditative mantra tracks (I highly recommend them, they’re amazing!!). No negative or fearful comments were allowed in her space, only positive energy, and Jerry was quick to enforce this. We could all feel the gravity of it, so we spoke in quiet voices and centered all our actions around Bri’s needs. That isn’t to say that the atmosphere wasn’t happy or energetic! We laughed and joked and between contractions, Briahnna was smiling and chatting with us.

The midwife came in and checked Bri after a bit and reported that she was about 5cm dilated. She encouraged us to drive to the mall right down the street, walk around for about an hour to get her contractions going, grab something to eat if she was feeling hungry, and hopefully get her to 6cm (which is considered active labor).

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