Alternative births: Why these mums chose a VERY different way to welcome their babies

Giving birth: it’s always been the same, but the options now available are always changing.

From delivering your caesarean baby with your own hands, to leaving the umbilical cord to do its own thing, Milli Hill checks in with some of the latest trends in the birth room.

1. The ‘Gentle’, ‘Slow’, ‘Natural’ or ‘Woman Centred’ Caesarean

It’s easy to think that if you need to have your baby in the operating theatre, you have to let go of any hope of being involved in the birth at all. In fact, many women report feeling disappointed after a caesarean because they feel that birth was something that was ‘done to them’, rather than something they actively did themselves.

But a new kind of caesarean helps address these feelings, by giving back some control and choice to the parents, and at the same time acknowledging the moment of birth as a hugely important and special time.

  • The room is kept calm and quiet, there is no ‘chit chat’ and the atmosphere is respectful
  • Music of the parents choice can be played
  • The screen is lowered during the birth or immediately after so that mum and partner can watch the baby being bornI was prepped, the operation began and once the screen was lowered the doctor eased my baby boy’s head out. We were transfixed. The room was completely silent, no-one touched him. He looked around, moved his eyes, then slowly his body emerged from my abdomen.


    Rachel after her gentle caesarean

    ‘It was truly magical to watch. He was lifted from my body straight onto my bare skin. Throughout the rest of the operation I stroked his silky skin; he rooted around, cried a little, I kissed him and held him constantly. It was so gentle and respectful, we were in tears.’

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