Internet melts over image of young father kneeling in prayer by his newborn son

An incredible fear came over me … so I got over my embarrassment and just knelt down and talked to God.”

The young father is on his knees in prayer to God, beside his newborn son, cradled in the hospital newborn nursery. This scene has captivated thousands on the internet from the moment it was shared on Instagram (the second photo) by Victor Calmon, the 33-year-old new father of little Ivan, born in July.

The images were taken moments after the child was born by a photographer with Jana Brasil Photography, but they have made the emotion last much longer now that they have been reposted all over the world on various media platforms.

When posting with the original photos of his firstborn son Ivan, Victor wrote:

“That moment when it hits you like a ton of bricks and your hands are shaking because you suddenly discover your purpose and the reason you’re in this world. To God I say, ‘Thank you,’ to my wife I say, ‘ I love you,’ and to my son I say, ‘Welcome!’”


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